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4 Dollar Website presents

Affiliate marketing Program

This is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.


Simple steps to earn



Register as a agent of 4 Dollar Website or great if you are already our Basic, Economy or VIP member



Talk about 4 Dollar Website's features in your videos, blog, social media etc



As any customer joins using your referral code as Economy or VIP member using your referral code you will be rewarded. Its that simple......

Rate chart

Illustration :

You are a 4 Dollar Website's agent and you referred Mr. AB to 4 Dollar Website . Mr. AB joins as a VIP member using your referral code so you will receive ₹400 per year as commission . That's Great ! isn't it

Refer more Earn more

Economy membership

₹ 150

/ year

VIP membership

₹ 400

/ year

Best Features

Unlimited earnings

There's no limit to earn . Refer more Earn unlimited

Get benefits per year

For every person referred you will receive the commission not once but every year

Easy settlements

We transfer the amount to your UPI address, Bank account, eWallet, and can even send cash via India Post

Easy trackings

easily track your referrals and payments in your dashboard

Who can register for Affiliate Program ?

Anyone can register

Will I have to be a member of 4 Dollar Website ?

Although its not necessary but it is recommended to be a part of any one of three membership of 4 Dollar Website

Is there any limit or target ?

There's no limit and no target for every single successful affiliate we pay you according to the price chart mentioned above

Is this Program Free ?

Yes Free there's no charge or fess included

What will be my referral code ?

After successful registration you will be given your referral code

I have other questions

Please visit our customer care portal we will be happy to assist you